Activities for personnel


acquiring competencies for personnel working with people with disabilities

for the permanent and active inclusion of people with disabilities in nature-based physical activities


Rogaška Slatina, Slovenija




April – October 2023


People with disabilities can often be limited in outdoor sports activities due to difficult, unadapted terrain, or other obstacles. However, personnel working with disabled individuals can help overcome these barriers and enable them to enjoy outdoor activities with appropriate equipment and knowledge.

Personnel working with individuals with disabilities play an important role in promoting outdoor sports activities and ensuring that disabled individuals have equal opportunities to participate. By training personnel, we indirectly enable people with disabilities to participate in sports activities and experience the benefits of outdoor activities that are important for their health and well-being.

In 3 parts:

  • 25. 04. 2023

Rogaška Slatina

  • a lecture on the importance of sports for physical health (focus on individuals with disabilities),
  • a lecture on the importance of sports for mental health (focus on individuals with disabilities),
  • a physiotherapy workshop on adaptations for selected sports activities (cycling) for individuals with disabilities,
  • a workshop on providing general first aid and for selected sports injuries,
  • a lecture on psychological support for providing basic psychological support and motivation for individuals with disabilities,
  • a lecture by an expert on hippotherapy

It is important to provide appropriate adaptations, companions, and equipment for individuals with disabilities to safely and comfortably enjoy cycling.

To this end, we educate companions (personnel working with individuals with disabilities, their family members, and volunteers) to assist individuals with disabilities in cycling and accompany them as needed.

Companions gain knowledge and experience in adapting the bike and equipment, understanding individual needs and limitations of individuals with disabilities. They must consider the balance, coordination, and flexibility of individuals with disabilities and adjust to their pace and desires.

Additionally, they are attentive to safety equipment and traffic rules and prepared for any hazardous situations. In the M3 training module, we teach them how to provide first aid and respond in the event of an accident or injury.

Accompanying individuals with disabilities while cycling can be a very fulfilling experience that helps improve their quality of life and allows them to participate in the community.

The cycling path that connects Rogaška Slatina and Podčetrtek, with the starting point at the nature conservation center, Bobrov center.

  • practical training for companions on safe and enjoyable cycling for people with disabilities,
  • awareness-raising on inclusive cycling for people with disabilities

Personnel working with individuals with disabilities play an important role in promoting sustainable living and responsible care for the environment. By adapting activities and habits that are environmentally friendly, they can help individuals with disabilities reduce their carbon footprint and improve the quality of the environment.

This includes promoting recycling, reuse, and reducing plastic consumption, as well as using public transportation or cycling as sustainable alternatives to cars. Staff can also assist individuals with disabilities in choosing environmentally friendly products and lifestyles.

In addition, individuals with disabilities can be enabled to participate in activities such as gardening or animal care, which contribute to environmental conservation and allow them to enjoy the positive effects of nature on their health and well-being.

Through staff education, we achieve sustainable changes in the habits of individuals with disabilities that positively impact the environment and contribute to a better quality of life for all.

October 2023

Re-use center Rogaška Slatina

  • visit to the Reuse Center in Rogaška Slatina,
  • lectures and workshops on sustainable development (waste management, reducing carbon footprint and use of renewable resources, sustainable mobility; how to motivate towards sustainability)