Activities for people with disabilities


inclusion of people with physical and/or mental disabilities

into the social and natural environment with novel activities they do not yet participate in.


Krapinske Toplice




maj – oktober 2023


Maintaining and strengthening mental health is crucial for individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities, as they are often faced with additional challenges and barriers in achieving their goals and meeting their needs. They are more exposed to stress, anxiety, and depression and may experience social exclusion, loneliness, and inequality, which negatively affects their mental health.

Therefore, it is important that individuals with disabilities have appropriate support in maintaining and strengthening their mental health. This support should be tailored to their individual needs and abilities and take into account their specific challenges.

Workshops mainly focus on young adults with special needs (with developmental disorders, learning disabilities, autistic disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders …).

COOKT in collaboration with the Association of Psychologists of Krapina-Zagorje County

April 2023

Krapinske Toplice

The workshops are centered around the following techniques:

  • Therapeutic coloring books: help with relaxation and reducing anxiety. For individuals with visual impairments, coloring books can include descriptions and reminders to understand what is happening in the picture.
  • Mindfulness techniques: focus on being present in the moment and accepting one’s feelings, and can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Deep breathing: helps with relaxation and reducing stress.
  • Thought hygiene: focuses on being aware of negative thoughts and ways to change them into more positive thoughts. This can help reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Guided visualizations: help with relaxation and reducing anxiety. For individuals with visual impairments, customized techniques can be used, such as descriptions of visual images or the use of other senses such as auditory or tactile data.
  • Gratitude: focuses on recognizing things in one’s life for which they are grateful. This can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Empathy: emphasizes understanding and compassion for other people. This can help reduce feelings of loneliness and increase the sense of connection with others.

Sensory integration is the brain’s ability to combine various sensory information received from the environment and use it to form meaningful and coordinated responses. A sensory park is designed to promote sensory integration through various sensory experiences such as touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste.

Sensory parks are beneficial for people with certain disabilities as they help in developing sensory integration, which improves their motor and cognitive abilities as well as their ability to manage emotions and behavior.

We develop and conduct workshops in the sensory park for people with special needs, taking into account their individual needs and abilities, and adapting sensory experiences according to their needs. This includes the use of adapted sensory materials, adapted lighting, sound and temperature, as well as the use of adapted sensory activities.


June – December 2023

Krapinske Toplice

  • activating all senses in the sensory park to encourage experiencing, perceiving, and discovering oneself and nature.

    As part of this module, COOKT will purchase sensory tools for the sensory park. These tools will be used permanently even after the project is completed.


We are developing and implementing nature-based activities that are highly beneficial for people with disabilities (as they contribute to improving their physical and mental health as well as their overall well-being). In our workshops, we organize hiking, Nordic walking, and therapeutic horseback riding.

Hiking is one of the most accessible nature-based activities for people with special needs, as we can adjust the trails to their abilities. The initial trails are flat and without obstacles, gradually introducing minor challenges such as steeper climbs and uneven terrain. During hiking, individuals move at their own pace, making it an excellent activity for developing physical endurance and strengthening muscles.

Nordic walking is a popular nature-based activity that involves the use of special poles, which provide better control and weight distribution. Nordic walking is great for strengthening the heart and circulatory system, improving physical endurance, and strengthening muscles. It also improves balance and coordination.

Therapeutic horseback riding is designed for people with special needs who have difficulty with movement or sensation. Riding a horse helps individuals better connect with nature and develop a better sense of rhythm and balance. Various therapeutic techniques are used during horseback riding, helping to improve muscle tone, coordination, and other motor skills.

COOKT (sports and health education teacher and personnel qualified through the project activities with collaboration with Faculty of Kinesiology and Center Ritam with horse in Stubičke Toplice)

2x, September 2023

Krapinske Toplice

Sports activities in nature for people with disabilities:

  • hiking,
  • Nordic walking, and
  • therapeutic horseback riding.