Activities for people with disabilities


inclusion of people with physical and/or mental disabilities

into the social and natural environment with novel activities they do not yet participate in.


Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia




maj – oktober 2023


An important part of taking care of our physical health is to keep an active lifestyle which helps us to strengthen our bodies. People with disabilities are the least physically active of all groups, which makes it all the more important to enable and encourage them to take part in sporting activities.

Through motivational and interactive workshops, we help people with physical and/or mental disabilities to discover the importance of physical activity for their well-being. We train them in first aid and self-aid, with a focus on sports injuries, so that they can feel more confident and carefree when participating in sports. With the help of a physiotherapist, they are taught the correct way to exercise, adjusted to meet their physical and mental handicaps. They learn about hippotherapy at the local stables.

In 3 parts:

  • 25. 04. 2023

Rogaška Slatina

  • a motivational workshop where people with disabilities will discover the importance of physical activity for their mental and physical health
  • a first aid and self-help workshop, focusing on sports injuries
  • physiotherapy workshop on correct exercise and body strengthening ( tailored to different subgroups of the target group – mental disabilities, physical disabilities)
  • hippotherapy workshop in the local stables

Cycling is a form of sports activity that brings many benefits to people with disabilities.

Regular physical activity improves cardiovascular health, physical strength and endurance, and reduces the risk of various health problems.

In addition, cycling contributes to improving the self-esteem and confidence of people with disabilities, as it allows them to feel more independent and confident in overcoming obstacles.

Cycling is also a social activity that enables people with disabilities to connect with others and become part of a community.

With the funds from the project, 2 adapted bicycles for people with disabilities are being purchased. The municipality of Rogaška Slatina is contributing money for the purchasing of another 2 adapted bicycles. We are organizing cycling events for people with disabilities on these adapted bicycles, along a beautiful cycling path in the heart of unspoiled nature between two major tourist centers, Rogaška Slatina and Podčetrtek.

May – September 2023

The cycling path that connects Rogaška Slatina and Podčetrtek, with the starting point at the nature conservation center, Bobrov center.

  • cycling on the cycling path with adapted bicycles and trained companions,
  • raising awareness among people with disabilities and the general public about the importance of outdoor activities (with a focus on cycling) for people with disabilities.

With the funds from the project, UVID will purchase 2 adapted bicycles for people with disabilities.


Caring for nature and adopting a sustainable lifestyle are important for all of us as they allow us to have a better life today and in the future.

It is essential to include people with disabilities in the sustainable movement and to consider their needs in the development of sustainable solutions. This will ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities and can contribute to a more sustainable world.

It is also necessary to provide people with disabilities with access to public transportation that uses environmentally friendly energy sources, as well as access to information and education on sustainable living that are tailored to their needs.

Visiting a reuse center is very educational and beneficial for people with disabilities, as it allows them to understand the importance of caring for nature and learn about sustainable living. We introduce them to various ways of recycling and reusing products and teach them how they can contribute to reducing waste and protecting the environment.

October 2023

Re-use center Rogaška Slatina

  • a visit to the reuse center with a workshop on recycling waste and a workshop on sustainable mobility